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America's youth is under so much pressure to work harder and achieve more. The programs I offer in schools teaching students & staff the tools they need to help themselves to release stress, depression, and anxiety quickly. These techniques are effective right away and the tools give kids an option to get centered and experience life with a healthy perspective. 

The Toolbox Method at Brentwood High School


Project SemiColon at the Brentwood High School is a collaboration of different methods of mindfulness and stress relief. After the gang violence at Brentwood last year I wanted to offer tools to the students and staff at Brentwood to help release deep stress and move energy in a more healing and mindful manner. 

Elevation Tool Box Method working in Stony Brook College with special needs

Elevation Tool Box Method @ Stony Brook University College.

Photos are of the Elevation Tool Box Method serving the staff and students at Suffolk Community College, Stonybrook University College, Nessaquake Middle School on Long Island, & Facebook Corporate Head Quarters in NYC

"If we can move our energy we can change our lives" ~Kundalini Karisa

Mindfulness in Schools with

The ELEVATION Tool Box Method


Each year Karisa tailored made trainings  with pupils and staff, giving the opportunity to engage with mindful training. 

The ELEVATION Tool Box Method is a

mindfulness curriculum course that was created

as a Mindful Educator Essentials.

The ELEVATION Tool Box Method provides structured tools that aid in maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, emotions, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment with openness and curiosity. It has a variety of research-backed impacts, including a reduction in stress, and improvements in classroom satisfaction, emotional regulation, and focus.


The central objective of my method is to introduce you to specific science-based evidence mindfulness, meditation, yoga movement, breathwork, and sound therapy to help you and your students or staff to cultivate a personal mindfulness tangible "Tool Box" that will help manage emotions and create an internal state of calm and happy.

The science of The ELEVATION Tool Box Method

The ELEVATION Tool Box Method also covers current scientific research on the individualized techniques of the method and how they help to regulate stress and anxiety in the brain and emotions in the body. The course is facilitated by a highly experienced guiding teacher who directs the learning process by answering questions, providing ongoing feedback, and synthesizing emerging themes.

Applying Elevation Tool Box Method

Applying Elevation Tool Box Method
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Elevation Tool Box Method

Elevation Tool Box Method

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Breathing Art Meditation

Breathing Art Meditation

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Learning deep listening

Learning deep listening

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Sound as meditation

Sound as meditation

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The ELEVATION Tool Box Method in action

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