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The Science of Sound Healing

The science of Mantra is based upon the understanding that you can project a specific form of energy through patterning.  As a result, the mind has a definite, predictable effect upon the physiology of the human body and the human psyche.  Sound waves create a specific effect on the mental and emotional body.  Sound is a mathematical formula that creates a measurable end.  It can alter the patterns and chemistry of the brain to release stress, anxiety, and depression.  Studies at Harvard and UCLA have been able to measure the physical effects of sound current on Alzheimer's patients and found it produces positive and healing effects.  The rhythmical repetition creates what is called an active meditation throughout the whole body and mind experience.  We all know how our favorite song makes us feel, so just take that understanding and multiply that by 1000 when you experience a sound therapy session!

To understand the fundamentals of sound in healing, we must first understand our brain waves. The nucleus of our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, is the communication between neurons. Brain waves are generated by way of electrical pulses working in unison from masses of neurons interacting with one another. Brain waves are divided into five different bandwidths that are thought to form a spectrum of human consciousness. The slowest of the waves are delta waves (.5 to 3 Hz), which are the slowest brain waves and occur mostly during our deepest state of sleep. The fastest of the waves are gamma waves (25 to 100 Hz), which are associated with higher states of conscious perception. Alpha waves (8 to 12 Hz) occur when the brain is daydreaming or consciously practicing mindfulness or meditation.


Scientist Melinda Maxfield, Ph.D., conducted research on drumbeats used during rituals of ancient cultures and found that they generally beat at a steady rate of 4.5 beats per second.  This consistent beat induces a trance-like state for the tribe, due to the brain shifting into a 4.5 beats-per-second brainwave frequency, which is a low Theta brainwave state.

In almost every ancient culture, repetitive beat formats have played an important role in wellbeing and prosperity... through the use of repetitive drumming and chanting, Tibetan monks, Native American shamans, Hindu healers, and master Yogis have been able to induce specific brainwave states for transcending consciousness, healing, concentration, and spiritual growth.

Andrew Newberg, a neuroscientist at the University of Pennsylvania, and author of “How God Changes Your Brain” discovered that while we are deep in prayer or meditation, activity in our parietal lobes drops to almost nothing.  The parietal lobe is responsible for sensory awareness and orients us in the world. Newberg believes that the drop in activity during meditation and prayer explains that sense of oneness we feel with the universe when engaged in these focused activities.

Sound as vibrational medicine 

Sound as vibrational medicine, gong bath and crystal bowl therapy is not a new alternative healing modality. On the contrary, the Gong has been used longer than any other instrument for holistic sound healing.


It was said by the Ancients that if you were Gonged for ten days you would be cured of anything. The current opinion of the scientific community is that the use of sound is a valuable tool in the treatment of many conditions, ailments and diseases.


The technology in creating and tuning the gongs to specific frequencies is the only thing that has improved greatly over time. Gong baths principally bring about the transition of cellular realignment. Whether physical, mental or spiritual problem, the pure penetrating sound waves of the healing gong will enable you to break free of old patterns, regenerate and rebalance yourself.