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What is The Unum Heart Elevation Station?

Let us bring our safe, mobile, sensory and sound soothing bus to you.


Unum Heart Elevation Station is a school bus that was converted into a tranquil mobile sensory soothing and sound therapy bus where I deliver tangible, fast-acting tools from The ELEVATION Tool Box Method, helping all people to elevate their hearts, mind  and to eliminate stress, anxiety, and depression.

I like to think of Unum Heart Elevation Station as a place where you can reset your subconscious from all the "I can't’s" and create all the "I cans". " You see, no is not an option for me."  "I figured out how systems work and then create solutions as to how to help these systems work and feel optimal at energy."

What matters is that you want to try something new.  I am eager to share with you some ancient methods and techniques in the Unum Heart Elevation Station.  The only way out of stress is through meditation and breath. 

                                                                                                   ~Karisa Johnston














Unum Heart Elevation Station offers you to connect back to health and vitality.  

"The peace we all crave lives inside.  You can change the patterns in your life that no longer serve ".

~Karisa Johnston 

Unum Heart Elevation Station is in schools, colleges, and health care facilities in your neighborhood! I am so excited about sharing my Elevation Tool Box method in schools, colleges, and corporate offices in the local Long Island and NY area. I also work in workshops, private and group sessions.

I wish I had these tools when I was in school. One of my favorite things to do is to share my programs. I see the inspiration it gives to people to experience their greatness. The ELEVATION Tool Box Method teaches people to calm their minds down while strengthening their ability to stay focused. 


  Learn more about the Unum Heart's Elevation Tool Box Method.  


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