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The journey from childhood to adulthood can be bumpy, confusing, and sometimes even frightening. There are many changes happening on all levels -  mind, body, and spirit. Statistics show that today, we have more teenagers struggling with anxiety and depression as well as alcohol and drug abuse.

Teen/young adult anxiety is characterized by fear and worry. Often triggered by an initial event or continuous trauma, anxiety manifests through varying degrees of severity, from constant irrational unease to terrible panic attacks. The anxiety also continues to prevail and sometimes worsens, despite “logical” reasons it might let up. Anxiety attacks can occur without reason, simply because of how the disorder affects the mind. Teen anxiety treatment options are largely dependent on the type of anxiety from which one is suffering.


Anxiety manifests through various symptoms, based on the cause of the anxiety and the severity of the fear and worry. While some symptoms are unique to certain disorders – such as flashbacks or recurring memories – there are a few general symptoms found across many cases of teen anxiety.


Long-term anxiety can lead to panic attacks – sudden episodes of extreme anxiety, with physical symptoms such as increased heart rate, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and fainting.  These symptoms can strain the heart, and lead to health complications down the road. Teen anxiety treatment is crucial for mental as well as physical health.


Depression can accompany anxiety or manifest as a separate condition.  Depression can cause persistent feelings of sadness and loss of interest in activities. It affects how your child thinks, feels, and behaves, and it can cause emotional, functional and physical problems.


Issues such as peer pressure, academic expectations, and changing bodies can bring a lot of ups and downs for teens and young adults. But for some, lows are more than just temporary feelings - they can be a sign of depression.  Depression causes changes in the teenager's previous attitude and behavior that can cause significant distress and problems at school or home, in social activities, or in other areas of their life.

My ELEVATE U Program helps children, tweens, teens, and young adults shift their feelings of anxiety and depression.  They will learn tools and rituals to help them live happy, healthy, productive lives utilizing evidence-based complementary and alternative (CAM) strategies. 

Evidence suggests that children need happiness training to begin by the age of three.  They need lifestyle management and coping skills training from early childhood through young adulthood. 


I have developed Elevate U curriculums from early childhood through adolescence.   Working toward positive changes in behavior and relationships alongside achieving and maintaining academic progress is the desired outcome. 

When a child is unable to overcome difficult patterns of behavior. I support the child in learning healthy ways of thinking and interacting.  We explore the strengths and needs of each unique child while providing an opportunity to learn and practice new skills with other children in a group setting. 


My background with children and adults that need high support and positive psychology include mantra meditation yoga, and sound therapy that has developed fun and engaging complementary and alternative strategies using breath techniques, yoga, sound as vibrational medicine, art, and mantra meditation to teach children how to be the best version of themselves. 

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