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"I believe in the healing and transformational power of sound + meditation on an individual and on a social level."

~Kundalini Karisa

Our society is experiencing digital overload; we have become addicted to our digital devices. Capturing moments on our iPhones and posting them on social media to earn “likes” has trumped the actual experience of life. Social behavior has become egocentric with more value being given to virtual popularity, then personal reflection. As a community, we crave authenticity and self-awareness.

But how?

In my human experience, specific, acoustic Sound Therpy does just that. Acoustic sound sessions creates an active and non Invasive meditative space for the practitioner.
Vibrational medicine ( using specific hz) influences the body’s energy field by changing its frequency. Imagine it as transferring energy frequencies into the body.
Elevate U Sound as Vibrational Medicine Training shares with the student how these resonant vibrations activate the body’s energies in the direction of balance, creating positive energy and ultimately better health. ​Illness or negative emotions are associated with unbalanced body vibrations. Is it possible that the energy in our bodies is connected to the unlimited energy of the universe itself to help it heal what ever the challenge is. Sound as vibrational medicine technology have been developed using specific sound tool that are tuned with specific frequencies with unique capabilities and calming purposes. I designs my level one, Elevate U Sound as Vibrational Medicine training, using specific sound tools that are designed with very specific vibrational information out put. This is so the student receives the most in-depth understanding of vibrational medicine and how they help release deep stress from peoples mind, body experience. Science tells us that very specific frequencies have the ability to destress people quickly. My sound tools training vibrationally - generate frequency that used specific HZ selected to help people elevate. When people feel better we do better. We are better in our personal and interpersonal relationships and we are more social, perform better at work and are more likely to enjoy the flavors of life. Helping people heal using Vibroacoustic technology is ancient healing technology being taught in a modern world.
In this training you will learn:
What sound therapy actually is.
The benefits of specific sound therapy
Biology of sound
noninvasive, simple, and cost-effective therapeutic tools to help heal with specific hz.
Connect Through Listening
Chakras and sound
Balancing organs with specific hz
Specific HZ and how they heal
setting up a sound therapy session
Learn to play
Crystal singing bowls
Tuning forks

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