Karisa Johnston, MA Psy

 1000hr KRY, 1000hr YTT, Special Needs, K-12, Sound Therapist, Prenatal Khalsa Way


Sat Nam,


Welcome to Unum Heart, home of the Elevation Tool Box Method and the Unum Heart Elevation Station.  My name is Karisa Johnston, aka Kundalini Karisa (a loving name that was given to me by those who practice with me). I am an international Kundalini Science and Technology teacher who specializes in Kundalini yoga and meditation. I felt the calling to bring the ancient technology of Kundalini science to those who are ready to learn the tools that will help you drop self-limiting thoughts and live their best life.


I hold an MA in Psychology as I soon embark on a MSW with a dual PHD in trauma.  With over 3000 hours of training in Sound Therapy, Kundalini Science, Special Needs Yoga Therapy, and Prenatal Khalsa Way, as well as 2000 hours of teaching experience under my Kundalini belt, I look forward to sharing what I have learned with you. 

While working towards obtaining my BA in psychology, I felt that I was in need of more...more information, more understanding, more depth...so I set out for Greece, Costa Rica, Canada, New York, and India, and...Wow...did I find it!  I studied with incredible teachers and health care providers that provoked a remembrance and new understanding of a deeper level of profound authenticity inside my soul.

 I couldn't wait to get back to America to share what was provoked inside of me.


As a student, I learned that Breathology, Sound therapy, Sat Nam Resian and Kundalini are all science's of

self-mastery. It is my experience that these methods help people to drop self-limiting beliefs. These are science's of self-discovery. It aids people's understanding of how to better manage their emotions and stress.  These sciences are actually technology that offers a specific tools to balance the brain, to strengthen the immune system, cleanse the glandular and lymphatic system all while strengthen the nervous system. When we keep our internal systems strong and working at optimal levels, we are better at handling life’s stresses.

I formulated the Elevation Tool Box method to releases deep stress from the minds and body quickly. It decreases and most often eliminates depression, anxiety and other forms of deep stress. 

We use this science to experience our own vitality.  


When I was a child, I was diagnosed with dyslexia. It was the 80's, need I say more? Let's just say the education system wasn't what it is today. My early educational experience inspired me as an adult to better understand people with and without special needs. This understanding inspired me to create the programs and to facilitate them in schools. Empowering young people and adults to drop self-limiting patterns so they can find what their passion is. 


My programs provide fast-acting tools that help people that struggle with symptoms of depression, anxiety, Autism, Dyslexia, addiction, PTSD, Cerebral Palsy, ADHD, grief and more, to calm the mind and to release the struggle.

They are accessible to all people and they travel well anywhere. My method helps to strengthen the functions of the hippocampus and the superior temporal sulcus, creating positivity impacting memory and social  interaction.

I do my very best to bring the teachings Elevation Tool Box into a

safe space, giving people an opportunity to rediscover the joy and wisdom that

already lives inside of them. 


I created and designed Unum Heart Elevation Station, Elevation Tool Box Method, & Elevate U yoga mat.  

I believe that Kundalini science - yoga & meditation, breath work, and sound as meditation is a vital part of experiencing a healthy lifestyle. My sessions are designed to detoxify the glandular system, cleanse and strengthen the immune system on a physical level. My workshops, trainings, private sessions, and classes are equally as powerful, on a mental and spiritual level. Research shows that Kundalini science helps to releases stress from the body and the mind. The practice provides clarity, it embraces one’s individual challenges and gives the practitioner a space to let go of the unnecessary clutter. Elevation Tool Box is for every single individual. It doesn’t matter if you have never practiced before, my sessions are designed for all walks of life, at all levels.