The Beginning of ELEVATE U Yoga Mat 

Back in 2017 my mother bought me a yoga mat with a picture of my Unum Heart elevation Station bus on it. I would use my Elevation station printed picture as point's of access when focusing on the pose at hand. For example I would que a student to put their right foot on the rear tire and their left foot on the bus window. As my yoga mat faded I started using vibrant markers to draw on my mat as points of access for my students. This would better help them connect to their bodies as they find the yoga pose more easily, 'this builds great self esteem and confidence ". As the marker on on my yoga mat wore off ,with use, I used colored work out bands as points of access on my Elevate U yoga mat. The bright colors helped as a guide to remembering the poses more easily.

I would incorporate breath work using my sound tools along with mantra meditations to help build the central nervous system all while helping to create a steady state of calm in the parasympathetic system. 

IMG_1401 3.jpeg

Upgrade of my ELEVATE U yoga mat was necessary 

Everything I teach in from an integrative and interactive approach. For the second version of my yoga mat, I have printed the colors, hearts and mantra on to the mat. I set up the mat as a hop scotch board. This interactive aspect to my yoga mat makes building coordination and motor skills fun and effective.  


There is always room for improvement.


Neat and complete. I understood after some time of using  my mat that it needed a clean up job. I took the white boxes out to keep the steady state of flow going on ELEVATE U yoga mat, both internally  and externally.

ELEVATE U yoga mat will soon be available  to purchase on amazon. Please send a text or email to order your Elevate U and playing card now.
There is a 1 month wait time on all orders.
I apologize  in advance for any inconvenience.