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Unum Heart Meditation Station in Schools and Colleges:

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Corporate Consciousness

Unum Heart Meditation Station is a sacred space that is dedicated to helping people fulfill the highest, truest expression of themselves as a human beings. It is dedicated to uplifting the vibration of corporate America, students and teachers by helping them to collaborate and produce constructively while experiencing a deep sense of calm. This will not not only better serve individual companies to be more productive with less stress but it will create a new way of operating within our daily lives.


Aquarian Recovery from darkness to Light with Kundalini Science.

My program for those with addiction is accessible to all people. The methods that I apply in the program are gentle and effective.

Addiction is a disease of "lack." At the core level, we feel something is missing and we set out to try to fill the void through a set of behaviors that leave us further depleted. We damage the systems of our body and sap ourselves of "life force." Our endocrine system gets taxed. Our nervous system is overworked. We live in nearly constant fight or flight, bringing on the horrible consequences of stress.

Kundalini yoga and meditation is a great option for people in recovery because it reconnects the relationship between the pituitary gland the the pineal gland. When there is disconnect between these two glands (that live inside the brain) the pituitary gland looks for other things outside itself to feel connected, like drugs, sex, alcohol, food and money. Kundalini yoga reconnects these energies of addiction by balancing the glands of the brain. It helps to breakthrough to a new level of strength and awareness by giving people the ability to reclaim themselves and helps to shatter the force field of addiction.

I know addiction very well not only because I have experienced it in my relationship with myself but also because I have many of family members, friends and clients that have or currently are suffering from addiction. My own father suffered from addiction and as a result, lost his life. 

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Kundalini science for PTSD

Kundalini yoga and Meditation dissolves tension throughout the body and brings you to a state of calm. PTSD is a tricky thing because most of us don't have a clue when we will be triggered. This program helps to see the unseen by neutralizing the grey matter in the brain. Once we get a handle on the chemistry of the brain then we can get a grip on our thoughts. The goal is to use the mind as a tool so we are no longer a servant to the mind.

Release your fears, and relish in the resulting relaxation. It’s impossible to relax when we are in a state of fear. This program helps us to connect back to self by calming the central nervous system and balancing into the emotional, physical and spiritual frequency that lives inside all of us.  Fears can easily hide out in our subconscious and creep up unexpected. This program helps to prepare our ability to process and cope with thoughts and feelings in a healthy and graceful manner. 


Kundalini Science for Autism

My program for special needs helps strengthen sensory integration, develops motor skills, improve confidence and social skills. People with autism frequently experience delayed motor development and a super sensitive nervous system. My program helps to tone muscles, enhances balance and stability, and develops body awareness and coordination. This program is not limited to those who experience life with Autism, it serves those with Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, ADD and ADHD, as well.

Life becomes more manageable when the nervous system is able to release any extra stress in a peaceful manner because it helps people to a feel calm throughout the body.

This program is for everyone.