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We Move

We Breathe

We Teach Tools to let go of

stress, anxiety, and depression. 

We teach how to create an internal space of calm. 

In school districts across Long Island, NY

The Merged Method, a combination of  Kundalini Karisa's Elevation Tool Box Method and Christine Grimaldi's Body Mantra Method, is a powerful practice that will teach you the tools to diminish self-limiting thoughts and behaviors, burn unwanted body weight and boost energy levels.  These tools will empower you to eliminate deep stress, anxiety, and depression from the mind and body.


Karisa and Christine's main focus is to integrate methods in schools to empower students and staff, in private, semi-private and corporate environments. 

These sessions are formulated for individual groups with specific goals in reducing anxiety, stress, and depression while increasing performance and the ability to create a stable internal calm. 


Their shared mission is to teach the tools of self-mastery

Mastering the mind is self-mastery and self-mastery is the key to a successful life.