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As a young adult, I was journeying through life with many addictions of my own. I also witnessed family members and close friends struggle with addiction. Actually, from my perspective, I was surrounded by addiction. 

I have experienced PTSD and I am so grateful that I stumbled upon Kundalini science because it has provided me with a road map to managing, maintaining and almost eliminating PTSD. 

It was 2009 and I found myself in a weird place in my life. Everything seemed to move slowly, as I studied this experience I soon realized that the life I had created for myself was not aligned with the life I so desired in my heart. After leaving my first marriage, quitting my job and selling my 10-year-old business, I saved enough money to travel. 

I have traveled all over the world to learn the science of Kundalini yoga and meditation. 

Addiction is not just about substance abuse. I am talking about anything we overindulge in that doesn’t represent our greatest potential.

Throughout the years of studying, I have mainly focused on the brain and behavior of those of us that have experienced life with heightened awareness and potential devastating conditioning. My "Tool Box Method" program gives tools to those who experience life with Stress, Anxiety, Autism, Addictions, and PTSD.