Remember Unum Heart Meditation Station is mobile. The exact location of the meditation station will be reveled upon booking your cushion. This does not apply to corporate and or a school settings.

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Benefits of Meditation?

Each day we experience all different forms of stress. It all depends on the situation, noises, challenging circumstances, dehydration, social interactions, the weather, and yes even the moon influences us.

Stress effects how we function in the world. How we interact in social settings, how we function in our private lives and most importantly how we react and take care of ourselves. 

We live in a world that we are in constant contact, we are never "unplugged". We become comfortable in our own discomfort and so often we look for a restart button. Most times we find wine, chocolate, social media and shopping to ease the discomfort of our mind. Unfortunately these devices are a temporary fix. 

We often experience the feeling of being stuck, of feeling "not good enough" or maybe it's the mind  repeatedly telling us "I can't". We so often think about our desires and dreams, then quickly fall into the clutches of the negative mind, just to find ourselves back with that glass of wine and that oh so familiar box of chocolates. Unum Heart Meditation Station is a place where you can reseat your subconscious from all the "I can'ts" and create all the "I cans", through the science of Kundalini mantra meditation and breath work. Kundalini Karisa is eager to share with you some ancient methods and techniques in the Unum Heart Mobile Meditation.  The only way out of stress is through meditation and breath.

Every moment offers us an opportunity to redirect our energy out of stress and into calm. With every session in the Meditation Station you will build your tool box of ancient wisdom that will help you release stress from your life. You can take this tool box everywhere you go. With every exhalation you are giving an opportunity to release stress from the body. The inhalation is an opportunity to co-create the life you desire. To live bigger we must breath deeper, the mind follows the breath.

 Unum Heat Mediation Station will help you connect back to health and vitality by checking in with yourself each day. The peace we all crave lives inside. You can change the patterns in your life that no longer serve you and get back to peace. 

Unum Heart meditation Station is serving corporate America as well as private sessions and semi privates. 


Studies show that meditation helps heal depression and anxiety. I believe that meditation is just about as effective as antidepressants. Meditation stimulates the glands in the brain helping to balance dopamine & serotonin.


Everyone experiences stress. Learning how to manage stress is key.  Meditation is the single most powerful stress relieving tool. Being stressed is not what creates illness, staying stressed is what make us ill.

Autism, ADD, ADHD

 Karisa has witnessed 80% relief in her practitioners when sharing the programs she has developed through the science of Kundalini yoga and Meditation. 


Meditation helps balance the brain, reducing the cravings of substances and stimulants. Meditation creates space in the mind and body so we can sleep more soundly.


When our mind and body are calm we are able to perform at the top of our game.


When we are heavily meditated our body and mind are more open to creating. 

Spice up the love life

Better sex = Less stress


Meditation can help relieve the intensity, frequency of migraines.